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Laura Cody McNaughton lived her life in service to her family, her community and the well-being of all of those around her.  She was taken from us in a tragic car accident on June 28, 2018.

Laura has been a runner since middle school and found a renewed passion for running after returning to Vermont. Her family and friends have created this run/walk event as a way to come together the last Saturday in June each year in remembrance of Laura. It is also intended to be a fun activity families can participate in together. Any proceeds from the race will support the Laura Cody McNaughton Memorial Fund.

This Memorial fund was established in order to commemorate Laura’s life and to support young people pursuing the principles of service to family and community.


The Memorial Fund will award a scholarship annually to a graduating senior who exemplifies Laura’s leadership and giving spirit, and, is pursuing further education and training in a field where these principles may be put into practice.

Women's Race



Congratulations to the 2023 scholarship recipient, Angelina Woychosky. 

Here's a note from Angelina: "The Laura Cody McNaughton Scholarship means a great deal for me. Being selected as the recipient, meeting (Laura's parents) Ruth and Ted, and having people who knew Laura come up to me and congratulate me has been a big deal because I am realizing just how many people are supporting me in my goals and believing that I can help contribute to a future we’d all like to see. It’s been incredibly nourishing for my spirit. Like Laura, I am passionate about bringing justice to public health issues. I will be going to the University of Vermont where I will be majoring in neuroscience. I also plan to work toward a Master’s in Public Health and an MD. I have been gaining more exposure to healthcare and medicine, and have also been seeing the ways healthcare injustices manifest, at my work in a hospital, and I hope to become a great physician who can address not only the biological root cause of disease but also one who can help cure this disorderly world! Outside of my aspirations, I love running and am so excited for Lace Up for Laura. I also dance at the Dance Factory, enjoy art, and love anything that strengthens community!"


Amon Chumba

Congratulations to the 2023 Achievement Award recipient, Amon Chumba. Here's a note from Amon about his future goals: 


"I want to study medicine so that I will be able to sensitize people in the world, especially in places where people don’t understand the importance of medical checkups and adherence to treatment. I want to be part of solutions and help humanity because life is sacred and should be taken good care of. Getting an undergraduate degree in my biology major will help lay the foundation for archiving my goal and dream of being a Nephrologist. I plan on going to Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences to get my 4-year undergraduate degree and then join a medical school and begin my journey to being a Nephrologist. I have been enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Medical and Molecular Biology program at MCPHS University."


Stephanie Ager

The 2022 $8000 Public Health and Community Service Scholarship was awarded to to Stephanie Ager of Bellows Falls, now studying at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.


Throughout her high school career Stephanie has been actively involved in academics, sports and community service. She graduated second in her class and was inducted into the National Honor Society. At Bellows Falls Union High School, she served in student government and participated in band, chorus and sports as well as other extracurricular activities. Even with the constraints of Covid, Stephanie was able to volunteer in her community. Her many activities included serving the Girl Scouts, the Junior Auxiliary of the American Legion, and as a planning commissioner for the Town of Rockingham.


Stephanie is described as natural leader always making her peers feel supported and offering a sense of belonging to all.


Angelae Wonderle

Angelae Wonderle attended Green Mountain High School where she demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and commitment to her community. She went on to study at Drew University and plans to teach math.


Ashley Chamberlin

Ashley Chamberlin is a Springfield High School graduate who went on to attend the nursing program at the University of Southern Maine. She was active in athletics, music and community service while maintaining an excellent academic record.

Memorial Fund Scholarship Coordinators: Ruth Cody and Ted Cody

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